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How To Build a DIY sleeper sofa, futon, sofa, couch, bed out of a cheap, ready-made ebay futon. Cushions are often the most difficult part of DIY sofa projects, so I wanted to try a project that made it so that you wouldn’t have to sew or buy expensive custom upholstery. These Daybed Sofa Futons are super cheap and all over the place, I enjoyed building a custom sliding base/frame for it!

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Sofa /Daybed I bought:
Amazon Sofa Option:
Cheapest Sofa Option:
Plywood: 3/4″ Radiata Pine:
Trim Head Screws:
Wood Glue:
Water Based Poly:
150 Grit Sandpaper: (Amazon)
Circular Saw: (Amazon)
12″ Speed Square: (Amazon)
Jigsaw: (Amazon)
Quality Tape Measure: (Amazon)
Good Deal on Good Paint Brushes: (Amazon)
Masking Tape: (Amazon)
Camera I use: (Amazon)
Microphone I use: (Amazon)
Maker Brand Co:
My Merch:

Modern Maker Podcast:…

This sofa turns into a BED See how on Modern Builds.

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