Continuous improvement tips for home security

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Is Kaizen a martial art you maybe have never heard of? Well, maybe, but no blackbelts will be given.

Kaizen is a Japanese concept that translates into the process of continuous improvement. For years management specialists have used to concept to minimize waist, improve production processes and workflows. However, Kaizen is not just for the workplace, it’s just as applicable in one’s home life. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of home security. As any homeowner knows, a house is an ongoing project. The Kaizen mindset offers a continuous improvement approach to the home fortification.

Your home which may one day may need to withstand an attack from a criminal. A criminal that is continually updating him home penetrating skills a crime skills. Its time to get your Kaizen black belt.

In Continuous Improvement Tips of Home Security, I look at the how I have applied the Kaizen process to my home’s security. The idea is to get you into the Kaizen questioning mode. Take a walk around your home. Ask yourself, what could I…..
• Maintain
• Modify
• Upgrade
• Purchase
Test the idea out and tell me what changes you made in the comment section below.

Special thanks to for the window pic. They have recently upgraded a whole batch of my Maglights. Check out their website for some excellent products.

As always you can find a range of home security ideas on the Security Adviser blog. I recommend the following pages:

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